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  • Holiday health tips from the new Director of Psychological Health

    During my first few weeks, I have been listening in order to build my understanding of the needs of the 162nd Wing. It’s my privilege to continue the good work that has been done to support the whole Airman concept to keep the health and well-being of the entire person in mind. My goal is to continue to optimize health and well-being for all to
  • A true Christmas story

    About 20 years ago a local news channel here in Tucson had a segment called Wednesday’s Child.  It featured children who were looking for a Big Brother or Big Sister and I will never forget this particular story featured during the Christmas season that year.   The child chosen was a young boy about 10 years old.  The news crew discovered that he
  • Follow the golden rule

    Can a person be respected even if you disagree with them on an issue?Lately, I feel bombarded by news stories about people physically or emotionally harming one another.  It is rare that a week, or even a day, goes by without a story of a person or group acting inappropriately on ideological beliefs.  I am saddened to see individuals harmed simply
  • Dry heat

    Can you feel it?  The sun is up bright and early, kids are out of school, and the temperature is rising.  Summer is here.  There are a lot of things that we can take pride in from living in Southern Arizona.  We have a great community, beautiful sunsets, and a whole lot of amazing outdoor scenery.   If we are being honest, there are just few
  • New beginnings

    For many of us, the month of May contains the day we have long awaited - graduation. This important milestone could be a personal achievement or we could be celebrating with a family member or loved one. Though graduation seems like the end, it is actually a new beginning. For a kindergartener, it is the beginning of elementary school, for an
  • Baseball and life

    I love the spring for one simple reason; I love baseball. When spring rolls around and pitchers and catchers report for spring training, I get excited. The new season brings new expectations and hope for a better year. Thoughts of the failures of last year fade away and there is always a sense at the start of the season that this could be the
  • Preparing for the big game

    In less than two weeks the brackets will be filled out and workplace production will diminish on Thursdays and Fridays in March.  Why, you ask? March Madness will be here promising thrills of overtime victories and the agony of ending a season of basketball. Certainly in the weeks to follow some Cinderella team will upset a ranked favorite and a
  • Chaotic Christmas

    The Christmas holiday is so often characterized by love, joy, and peace. We day dream and long for the Hallmark, picture-perfect holiday where everything goes to plan and everyone gets along.For many, however, this Christmas holiday will be a time of chaos. In fact we know that substance abuse and suicides rise during the holiday season because for
  • Giving thanks this season

    Recently I was out shopping with my wife and observed a peculiar oddity.  There were multiple aisles with Halloween items followed by many aisles of Christmas items with just a small amount of Thanksgiving things.  Hopefully our celebration of Thanksgiving does not mirror the store aisles.Thanksgiving is an important time of the year to show
  • From active duty to Citizen Airman: Serving homeland and community

    If joining the Armed Forces is a sign of a love for country, joining the National Guard might be a sign of devotion to the community.Life is unpredictable. I began my officer commissioning program believing I was going to be a research scientist. Priorities change and goals shift. I found myself passionate about advocating for our missions and