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  • The Adjutant General: This year, we proudly Muster

    For the first time in over a century, the Arizona National Guard will muster in one formation, and there are 7,531 reasons why I've chosen to revive this time-honored military tradition. I am proud of each Soldier and Airman who voluntarily serves our state and nation, and the time has come to recognize you.On Pearl Harbor Day, Sunday, Dec. 7,

    Resilience gives us the capacity to "bounce back" from a difficult experience. It enables us to keep going when the going gets tough. Therefore, it is important for us to build resilience into our lives. The four components (dimensions of wellness) of resilience are: Physical(Body) Relates to:· Exercise · Eating Healthy · Enough Sleep
  • Polical activity guidance for unit members

    As Election Day 2012 approaches, now is a good time to review guidance related to political activity by Air National Guard members. While all military and civilian members are encouraged to register and vote as they choose, there are restrictions on political activities designed to ensure the military remains a politically neutral establishment.
  • Critical Days of Social Media: safety tips for the virtual world

    It was Saturday during a recent unit training assembly when our firefighters extinguished a blaze at the GE Apparatus Service center across the street from our main gate on Valencia Road - by Sunday an unknown unit member had posted cell phone video footage of the fire on You Tube for all to see.Our guys saved the building and thankfully no one was
  • COMM TOOLS 101: A user’s guide to the latest, greatest

    Are you (like me) a technology-challenged individual in this day and age of advanced technology? Well fear not, ye fellow technophobe! Let us unite, define those terms that scare us the most, and (insert gasp here) even click away until we become comfortable with some of the base's newest technologies. First, repeat after me, "The 'comm guy' is my
  • Wing Commander invites spouses to attend special presentation

    In the 24 years that my wife Debbie and I have served in the United States Air Force and Arizona Air National Guard I have learned that a professional military organization cannot succeed without the full support of our members' spouses. I often tell the Airmen of the 162nd Fighter Wing that their service to our nation and state is a team sport,
  • Outdoor flag ceremonies: do you know what to do?

    When driving or walking by the flag pole here at the 162nd Fighter Wing while the U.S. flag is being raised or lowered, do you know what to do?I have to admit, this isn't a question I have considered until today. I, like many here, have been getting it wrong for quite some time. But this morning our security forces squadron - the Airmen who
  • Arizona Guardsmen - Sign up to attend the Outstanding Airmen of the Year ceremony

    I am excited to announce the invitations for the 2012 Outstanding Airmen of the Year ceremony are complete and available here for your convenience. Members of the Arizona Air National Guard are encouragned to attend in support of our Airmen Saturday, March 3, at the Starr Pass resort here. The cost per person is $43 for Officers, SNCOs, and
  • Got "holiday" stress?

    I wish you all a joyous and stress-free holiday season. This may take some work on your part if you, like many in our culture, have fallen prey to the myth of the "perfect" holiday. The myth is pervasive and insidious as it leads to three causes of stress; lofty expectations, busy holiday schedules, and the inevitable departure from our comfortable
  • What's your 9/11 story? Staff Sgt. Julian Loza

    I was stationed at Osan Air Base on Sept. 11, 2001, as an A-10 crew chief. A couple of buddies and I were in Thailand on leave eating dinner when another tourist asked if we were Americans.I thought it was kind of weird until he said that four planes were unaccounted for and one had hit a building in New York. The tourist was an Eastern Canadian