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  • Technician Income is Arizona Taxable Income

    The state of Arizona passed legislation in 2006, House Bill 2795, to provide a subtraction for compensation received for active service by a member of the reserves, National Guard, or armed forces of the United States, to the extent not already excluded from Arizona gross income. HB 2795 extended the exemption for active duty military pay from
  • Khobar Towers 15 years later

    It was 15 years ago, but the memory of the Khobar Towers bombing is as vivid as ever in my mind - and so are personal lessons I learned from that horrible night that claimed the lives of 19 Airmen and injured hundreds. Volumes have been written since then outlining everything we learned from that terrorist attack. But as someone who was there, I
  • New alternative work schedule offers many benefits

    Starting July 17, the 162nd Fighter Wing will adjust to an alternative work schedule for our full-time force. In order to mitigate safety issues associated with the 12-day work cycle caused by a drill weekend, our full-time Guardsmen will earn a scheduled day off, or SDO, every pay period in exchange for slightly longer work days.Our drill status
  • A Wing Picnic that honors our entire wing family

    For years we've celebrated our annual Wing Picnic off base to reach out to our members, families, retirees and friends. Only recently has it become evident that though it's great fun and extremely well done, the Picnic has begun to miss the mark.The Picnic, the Haunted Hangar and the Steak Fry have long been staples of the unit's social calendar.
  • Changing the way we think about change: Mastering our inner elephant

    How does a man riding an elephant get it to follow the path he wants? An elephant, when compared to a man, is powerful in size, strength and momentum and can do what it pleases despite the man's rationale and attempts to lead it. The man does it by having a direction and using motivation to get the elephant to follow it.This is the analogy used by
  • And so I volunteered ... a journey in another Airman's footsteps

    If you saw someone blow through a stop sign and almost hit you, what would you think? Would you be irritated and angry, or thinking that the person is in distress? Would you be yelling at the other driver who can't hear you, or wondering if the driver is planning another Fort Hood?In a job where the biggest challenge day-in and day-out is to remain
  • Renewed focus on our mission, our people and ourselves

    Here we are in the first summer of a new decade with renewed focus on a familiar mission and a few new challenges. We've just come off the end of a compliance inspection last spring that proved once again that this wing can get the job done. By now we've had time to breathe and decompress from the demands of such a critical test for our unit. Now
  • Future leaders get the big picture at AETC Symposium

    Four of your Airmen represented the 162nd Fighter Wing at the Air Education and Training Command Symposium in San Antonio, Jan. 13-16. It was wonderful for us to send our leaders of tomorrow to this important event and watch them alongside Airmen from all ranks; airman basic to general officer, together for a common focus.Airman First Class Rebecca
  • Unit meets CFC fundraising goal, thanks for a job well done!

    We did it! The 162nd surpassed its 2009 Combined Federal Campaign goal to raise $65,000. The total amount included one-time cash donations from unit members as well as monthly automatic deductions from eligible full-time military and civilian employees.For those who donated, thank you. For those who didn't, I hope you will take the time to research
  • ESGR tips for Arizona Air National Guard members

    The Arizona Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is part of a Department of Defense agency that recognizes outstanding employer support for Guard and Reserve employees, increases awareness of employment laws and resolves conflict through mediation. Most employment conflicts can be avoided by being candid with your employer