Unit meets CFC fundraising goal, thanks for a job well done!

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Angela Walz
  • 162nd Fighter Wing CFC coordinator
We did it! The 162nd surpassed its 2009 Combined Federal Campaign goal to raise $65,000. The total amount included one-time cash donations from unit members as well as monthly automatic deductions from eligible full-time military and civilian employees.
For those who donated, thank you. For those who didn't, I hope you will take the time to research the CFC and make an attempt to give--even a very small amount--during next year's campaign.

Spearheading the fundraising campaign was an eye-opening experience for me. As the unit's CFC coordinator this year, I was able to view the campaign in a whole new light. Here are some of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I saw:

The Good

Military members are generous, and we have some highly motivated individuals in this unit.

Most of our larger work sections have volunteers who act as keyworkers to solicit donations within their area. Although all of the keyworkers gave the campaign a valiant effort, two Guardsmen really challenged themselves to make significant increases in their sections, and they are Technical Sergeants Matt Nethery of the Maintenance Squadron and Cally Handa of the Medical Group.

All of the keyworkers did a fabulous job, and are deserving of a 'thank you' when you see them next:

Airman Vanessa Ferreira; Airman 1st Class Linda Lewis and John Johns; Staff Sergeants Douglas Catlin, Hector Aguirre, Bernie Dominguez, Jessica Anderson, Troy Beeman, Bernie Dominguez, Eugene Sanders, Orland Worcester, Michael Hobby, Paula Dietrich, and Lindsay Bustamante; Technical Sergeants Drew Eckert, Joe Ferreira, Don Morgan, and Ollie Burr; Master Sergeants Joe Duyck, Amy Brownell, Sam Rogers, Danny Grijalva, and Don Morgan; and Senior Master Sgt. Brian Karas.

Please contact me (angela.walz@aztucs.ang.af.mil or 520-295-6192) if you're interested in becoming a CFC keyworker. I'd be happy to pass your name on to the unit's most junior lieutenant who will surely be offered the opportunity to spearhead next year's campaign.

The Bad

There is still a need in our community, our nation and in other nations.

The Ugly

After serving as CFC coordinator for the wing, I've learned that many people really don't know how the CFC works.

In an effort to clear up any confusion--and to rid the unit of this ugly fact--allow me to briefly explain how the Combined Federal Campaign works.

Established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, the CFC was intended to allow all federal employees the opportunity to donate to charitable organizations. The CFC is the largest single charitable campaign in the world and falls under the responsibility of the Office of Personnel Management.

It is mandated by Congress that each federal employee be personally contacted and offered the opportunity to give to a charitable organization via the CFC. Employees can select the charity or charities of their choice among a paper- or web-based listing of national, international and local organizations that have met strict CFC eligibility requirements.

As a Guard unit, we have many drill status Guardsmen who, unfortunately, cannot elect to donate to the CFC by payroll deduction. Only full-time Air Technicians or Active Guard Reservists can elect to contribute on a recurring basis as an automatic deduction from their paychecks. Drill status Guardsmen can select the CFC charities of their choice with which to contribute, but they may only select to contribute with a cash or check donation during the campaign period (which usually kicks off in October and runs through December).

The Combined Federal Campaign begins anew each calendar year, meaning automatic payroll deductions begin in January if you elected for payroll deduction. Your last deduction will come from your final December pay unless you complete a new pledge card for the upcoming calendar year. You must contact the finance office if you wish to have the automatic deduction halted at any time during the year. But why would you do something silly like that?