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Full Time Opportunities

The 162nd Wing has part-time one weekend a month and 15 days a year guardsmen opportunities, but there are often various full-time job openings available for existing military members.

For current job openings visit the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs Human Resources.


Being a member of the 162nd Wing allows you to serve your country, state and community while enjoying a number of benefits to reward you for your commitment.
VA home loan eligibility
State tax advantages
Retirement plan
Tuition assistance through the Montgomery G.I. Bill
Low-cost health, dental and life insurance

For more information visit the Air National Guard website at www.goang.com/benefits

Pilot Opportunities

F-16 Pilot Opportunities

The 162nd Operations Group is hiring!

We have full-time F-16 Air Technician jobs available for current F-16 pilots. Current F-16 pilots must be qualified flight lead. We also have a job open for PQ F-16 pilots. Visit USA Jobs to view the job announcement. We will offer the TX, FLUG and IPUG courses as required for these positions.

The next F-16 Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) Deserving Airmen Commissioning Board is tentatively scheduled for November 2019.  You can find the Updated UFT Age and TFCS here. The UPT application guide can be found here.  Thank you for your interest in the 162d Wing!

If you are currently a fighter pilot, and are interested in a position with the 162d Operations Group, please contact Lt Col Frank "Slap" Lusher at frank.lusher.mil@mail.mil for information.



Recruiting Office

For more information about joining our team contact one of our recruiters

Tech. Sgt. Valerie Fortin
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-7191
Cell: (520) 955-1357

Tech. Sgt. Andrea Romo
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-7070
Cell: (520) 955-0183

Staff Sgt. Anna Solis
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-7156
Cell: (520) 404-4984

Tech. Sgt. Kenyon Harris
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-6467
Cell: (520) 250-2296

Tech. Sgt. Angelica Talavera
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-7500
Cell: (520) 955-0186

Tech. Sgt. Sylvia Calmelat
Production Recruiter and Retainer
Office: (520) 295-6182
Cell: (520) 873-7872

Master Sgt. Stephen Ohearn
Recruiting Manager
Office: (520) 295-7000
Cell: (520) 404-2352


Master Sgt. Jimmy Sanchez
Retention Manager
Office: (520) 295-6191
Cell: (520) 419-1282