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  • What's your 9/11 story? Staff Sgt. Mike Holly

    I had been working for American Airlines at Logan Airport in Boston for about eleven months when 9/11 happened, changing my life forever. That morning I had just finished working a double shift and was almost asleep when my phone rang. When I answered, my fiancé at the time told me to turn on the TV. I could not believe my eyes, American Flight 11
  • What's your 9/11 story? Staff Sgt. Stephen Myers

    Throughout my childhood, I can recall many occasions where my grandparents shared stories about significant moments in our national history. As I listened to their experiences and feelings about Pearl Harbor, the day WWII ended and the day that President Kennedy was assassinated, I was always intrigued by the common goodness of the American people
  • What's your 9/11 story? Senior Airman Jose Roman Jr.

    By September, 2001, high school was a year and a half in my rear view and I was going to school full time at the University of Arizona. I needed a little extra cash, so I took a job working in the receiving docks at Macy's. I had only been working there a few months and I was scheduled to go to San Francisco to attend a training course and seminar.
  • What's your 9/11 story? Master Sgt. Mark Tarin

    It wasn't until late May of 2006, almost five years following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, that I realized how I was personally affected by that fateful day.I had recorded a documentary on the Discovery Channel based on American Airlines Flight 11, the Boeing 767 that crashed into the North Tower of the
  • Farewell El Tigre; hello social media

    Yes, the Fall 2011 edition of El Tigre, due out by Oct. 1, will be the last printed copy of the newsletter ever produced. What was once delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to your mailbox is now available in your email inbox, on the base website, or on Facebook and Twitter.I've asked the public affairs office to make a transition that will allow
  • What's your 9/11 story? Tech. Sgt. Carolyn Noon

    I joined the guard right out of high school. I was raised by Air Force parents, and Air Force history runs deep in my family via numerous uncles and grandparents that have also served our country. I never thought twice about joining the Guard; I wanted to give back to my community and my country by doing my part while also getting my education. I
  • What's your 9/11 story? Staff Sgt. Jaime McCauley

    I was working active duty at Seymour Johnson AFB on a targeting pod. One of my coworkers who was walking by my shelter mentioned that the Twin Towers had been bombed and that they were showing the news feed on the TV in the break room. When I reached a good stopping point in the procedure I had been accomplishing, I decided to take a break and see
  • What's your 9/11 story? Chief Master Sgt. Dean Miller

    One of our fighter squadrons was deployed to MCAS [Marine Corps Air Station] Miramar. On the morning of September 11th, I walked out to the lobby of our billeting to go to work and saw my fellow Guardsmen standing in front of the big screen television watching the first World Trade Center tower smoking. I asked what had happened and no one knew.
  • What's your 9/11 story? Staff Sgt. Travis Wilson

    I remember I was maybe 12 or 13, in 8th grade waiting to go to school. My mother, Lt. Col. Trish Wilson, called me at home and told me to turn on the news because an airplane had just crashed into the world trade center. At the time I had no idea what the world trade center was. The whole bus ride to school all the radio stations were talking about
  • What's your 9/11 story? Senior Master Sgt. Brenda Chase

    On Sep 11, 2001, I had been working on what needed to be done for an upcoming inspection. All of a sudden, a coworker came running down the hall saying that the Pentagon had just been attacked. We all dropped our work and ran to the break room to watch the news. At that time it was showing the World Trade Center with the first tower after the plane