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  • Many ways to get 162nd retiree news and information

    We in the Retirees Office are aware that our target audience is comprised of many folks who spent most of their working lives without need of a computer keyboard to communicate. We are also aware that many of you have no interest in learning computer skills at this point in your lives. However, the world has changed and the primary way to
  • Pass on what you know, find out the things you don’t

    Who is your mentor? Who is your protégé? I would like all wing members to be able to answer those questions and be able to say in all honesty that they foster those relationships. The future growth and leadership of this wing depends on it. Our next generation of supervisors, chiefs and commanders is already here. They're out there maintaining
  • 'Knock It Off' before someone gets hurt

    If you ask any flight crew member or aircraft maintainer what "Knock It Off" (KIO) means, they will probably tell you that whatever is going on ceases until the concerns of whoever called it are satisfied. The procedures are taught in Crew Resource Management (CRM) and now in Maintenance Resource Management (MRM), but it wasn't always so. According
  • El Tigre to go quarterly: Modernizing the way we think about base news

    It's been said, "Change is coming." Now, change is here. El Tigre News will convert from a monthly publication to a quarterly publication this year. We will publish El Tigre as a monthly publication through June, and starting in September readers will see the "Fall 2009" edition; the first quarterly version of the base newsletter. The Air Force and
  • Wing mission helps U.S. achieve "Balanced Strategy"

    With the change of command ceremony scheduled for the March Unit Training Assembly it becomes my honor to address you as your wing commander. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead some of the best Airmen in the Air National Guard today, and it's my pledge to represent you, tout your accomplishments, and communicate to you - in this and other
  • Looking back on 24 years at the 162nd

    The time has come for me to leave the 162nd Fighter Wing, my home for the past 24½ years. The wing and the Tucson community mean everything to Mary and me, and I know that at some point we'll be counting the days until we get to come home again. My fini-flight Dec. 19 culminated approximately 4,100 flight hours in 162nd aircraft including the A-7,
  • New light on "God" for the New Year

    Due to my roles as chaplain and pastor I have many opportunities to speak with people about their experience of God. Some will say, "I don't believe in God!" Often my response is, "Tell me about the god you don't believe in." Invariably they tell me their personal saga of a god who was aloof and uncaring during a time in their life in which they
  • Have you prayed for the President today?

    We are about to exercise our cherished freedom to vote in a national presidential election. Who will you vote for? Who will serve the next four years as our President? These troubled times will test the leadership of the person we elect to the highest office of the land. When some think of the role of President they focus upon the privilege, power
  • Looking back on two years with Operation Jump Start, it was worth it

    Last month, while on my way home from drill, I stopped at the grocery store to get a few items. While I was standing in line to pay the cashier I felt a tug on my arm. I turned around and standing there was an elderly couple. With tears running down their faces they said "thank you for your service." This tugged on my heart, and without thinking,
  • Facing the Future without Fear

    Fear....a common emotion. Is it possible to live without fear? Maybe not. General George Patton said once, "Courage is fear that has said its prayers." I've heard people come back from combat saying, "I don't want to serve with someone who has no fear...a good healthy fear can enable us to make good decisions." So maybe we don't want to eliminate