Chaotic Christmas

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Nathan Mestler
  • 162nd Wing Chaplain's Office

The Christmas holiday is so often characterized by love, joy, and peace. We day dream and long for the Hallmark, picture-perfect holiday where everything goes to plan and everyone gets along.

For many, however, this Christmas holiday will be a time of chaos. In fact we know that substance abuse and suicides rise during the holiday season because for many people the holiday is filled with a sense of pain, loss, and brokenness.

The original Christmas was hardly worthy of a greeting card either. The young Mary was found with child though she was a virgin; accusation of her character began to be whispered behind her back; Joseph thought he had been betrayed by his bride to be; later news of the child's birth would be met with the murderous attempt of King Herod to eliminate a perceived threat; the Holy family was forced to flee their home as refugees. Talk about chaos!

Yet, through that chaos God was at work. He was bringing about His plan and purpose. This is what amazes me about God. He can bring goodness from brokenness; purpose from pain; and order out of chaos.

If your holiday season feels chaotic, you are in good company! Don't despair. God can bring His purpose about.

If you need help this holiday season be sure to tap into the resources that are available to you through the wing. Sarah Warner the Director of Psychological Health and chaplain's office are only a phone call away. We are ready to help in any way that we can. Reaching out is a sign of strength.

May God grant you wonderful holiday season!

You can reach the Chaplain's Office at (520) 295-6217 or the DPH can be reached at (520) 295-7315