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  • Wing annual awards honors best of the best

    An ocean of uniformed servicemembers filled chairs and stood lining the walls in the massive Hanger 10 here Feb. 7 during the 162nd Fighter Wing's 2008 Annual Awards ceremony. The ceremony honored 44 wing members and six teams for outstanding contributions and personal development. It began with young Ms. Baleigh Schlesinger singing the National
  • Expecting? Med Group works to protect your baby

    For Guardsmen who may be expecting a child, congratulations on the new addition to your family! First, there are certain procedures that all pregnant drill status Guardsmen (DSG) must follow. DSG's must report a confirmed pregnancy as soon as possible to allow the unit to assess her work environment for potential hazards and accurately report
  • AFPC begins Total Force Health Treatment Records transfer mission to VA

    Air Force officials announced the implementation of a new Total Force mission for the Air Force Personnel Center here, set to come on line Feb. 1. AFPC will become the central transfer gateway to improve the flow of Air Force health treatment records of retired and separated Airmen - active, Guard and Reserve, to the Department of Veterans Affairs,
  • Bring a buddy to March training assembly

    The recruiting office is hosting "Bring a Buddy to Drill" Saturday, March 7. All unit members and retirees are encouraged to invite a friend or family member to the March Unit Training Assembly. The invitation is for those who have never been in the military. "Last year's Bring a Buddy event was very successful with helping us meet our non-prior
  • An interview with General Moisio

    The 162nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs office recently sat with Brig. Gen. Rick Moisio to discuss his thoughts on his command and the future of the Air Guard.What has it been like leading this wing since 2004? Being a wing commander is certainly the greatest honor of my life. Since joining the 162nd, we've grown from a single squadron unit to the
  • Photo Feature: They're back! Maintainers, pilots return from Balad

    The Arizona Air National Guard welcomed home 28 aircraft maintainers and pilots Saturday, Jan. 24, after deployments of varied lengths to Balad Air Base, Iraq. The Guardsmen, who maintain and operate F-16 Fighting Falcons here at Tucson International Airport, used their training and expertise to support F-16 operations in country. The 162nd Fighter
  • 162nd pilots deliver remaining F-16s to Poland

    In the early afternoon of Dec. 11, three Polish F-16C aircraft landed at Krzesiny Air Base near Poznan, breaking through the clouds on final approach. While F-16s are a common sight at Krzesiny, this was a very unique landing. The aircraft were the final three F-16s being delivered to Poland from the United States as part of the 48 aircraft, $3.6