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  • Chief’s Council awards scholarships to unit members

    The 162nd Fighter Wing Chief's Council awarded three unit members here $500 each in the second year of honoring Guardsmen with academic scholarships. Congratulations go out to the three individuals who were selected for their continued professional development through off-duty education. The awardees are Staff Sgt. Mark Gregory, aircraft mechanic
  • CAC scanners coming to Tucson Air Guard main gate

    You may have noticed your common access card (CAC) is swiped by Security Forces personnel using a hand-held computer when you access nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The 162nd Fighter Wing will soon begin phasing-in the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) here at the Tucson Air Guard Base as well. DBIDS was developed as a force
  • Guardsmen attend Arizona State of the State address

    Four Airmen from the 162nd Fighter Wing witnessed civilian government formality firsthand during Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's State of the State address at the La Paloma Resort Jan. 14. Guardsmen report to the governors of their respective states so the event had an immediate relevancy to the attending wing members."She's our boss, and we should know
  • Do you believe in MAGIC?

    The 162nd Fighter Wing at the Tucson Air Guard base here held its third annual My Air Guard Incentive Career (MAGIC) event at nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base during the January Unit Training Assembly. MAGIC was developed to provide information about the benefits and opportunities for Tucson guardsmen and their families.Topics discussed during

    Everyone has heard it, "Force Protection is everyone's business and every Airman is a sensor". That statement is indeed fact; it is imperative that all personnel are aware and participate in the Antiterrorism/Force Protection Program (AT/FP) that helps safeguard the personnel and resources at the 162FW. When the phrase "Force Protection" is refer
  • Life on a UTA Weekend – Egress

    Airman 1st Class Jacob Bonner has been with the Egress Shop here for two short years. When asked what his job entails, "Saving people's lives" is the first answer you get - without hesitation. He follows up with a short description of the maintenance activities performed on the Life Support System: "We're that crutch the pilots can lean on when
  • In-Place Patient Decontamination Tent Comes to Tucson Air Guard

    Between Jan. 15-18, 13 Airmen total were trained by instructors from the National Guard Bureau at the 162nd Fighter Wing on the city's newest asset - an in-place patient decontamination shelter for the effective decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients and casualties affected by chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear
  • Tucson Guardsman Inducted into Hall of Fame

    Lt Gen Harry Wyatt, Director of the Air National Guard, made an enduring statement about his priority to take care of Airmen, at his final Town Hall meeting today. With hundreds of Guardsmen gathered around, Gen Wyatt referenced this commitment in honoring the Guard's Director of Safety, Col Doug Slocum of the Arizona Air National Guard, with
  • PME creates master leaders

    Maj. Tracy Reingruber, commander of the 162nd Communications Flight, epitomizes an educated, motivated and people-focused leader. A recent graduate of the Air Command Staff College's Master's degree program, she plans to apply her education and experience to propel the Communications Flight into a new generation of innovation and adaptability. In

    Waste it once...pay for it twice. Never refuse to reuse. Go Green to get our globe clean. Recycle your trash or trash your earth.What many use as mere buzz slogans regarding the protection of the environment, members of the 162nd Fighter Wing practice it on a daily basis by way of the Environmental Management System (EMS), a policy that is improved