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  • Current Libya operation brings back memories of El Dorado Canyon

    April 15 is a day best known as the traditional deadline to file taxes in this county. In 1986, however, that day became notable for another reason - Operation El Dorado Canyon. In light of the current operation in Libya, Odyssey Dawn, El Dorado Canyon is remembered as a day the U.S. took action against modern terrorists, namely Muammar Gaddafi,
  • Citizen Airmen rehearse desert combat ops

    Paint-ball bullets zipped around the eight-person security team as they peered into the mixture of gnarled mesquites, tall-desert grass, and thick sagebrush that shielded the attacking force from sight. Out in the open, the security team was unable to effectively engage the attacking forces. The team leader signaled his element to move forward -
  • New wing chaplain finds unique way to bond with Airmen

    In February, the 162nd Fighter Wing welcomed a new chaplain to the Guard family. On Sunday morning of the April unit training assembly, Chaplain (1st Lt.) Nathan Mestler reported to the wing's student flight - a group of 45 brand new Airmen preparing to attend Air Force basic training - to practice marching and military discipline.The new
  • From atop a horse - to jockeying for his troops

    When leaving the Army in 1984, Marc Polanco told his platoon that he was going to race horses for a living. At 140 pounds--almost 25 pounds too heavy for the sport--and having never raced before in his life, it was no wonder they may have had their doubts.Seventeen years later, Polanco is a master sergeant in the Arizona Air National Guard, the
  • A bald head, but many hats with which to cover it

    Chaplain (Maj.) Mike Martinez is not your average Air Guardsman. He's not your average Catholic priest either. In fact, he wears so many different hats that you might not recognize him outside of his military uniform. Most commonly referred to as 'Father Mike,' he is known by many for either his infectious smile, shiny bald head, or ever-concerned,
  • Coached by "Bear" Bryant, Air Guardsman recalls well-respected mentor

    Master Sgt. Peter Smith, a phase inspection supervisor here, prefers to be known for what he says and does, not for where he has been or what he has done in the past. For this reason, few know of his impressive accomplishments in the realm of American football -- including the fact that he played four years under one of the nation's most winning
  • Diminishing the ‘human factor’ one Airman at a time

    The concerted efforts of Air Force safety officials and aircraft maintainers to remove the human element from preventable mishaps are deeply rooted in a humanitarian ethos - the idea that every Airman deserves to go home safe at night.Maintenance Resource Management, or MRM, is the safety movement sweeping across the Total Force picking up
  • Hero Video: Capt. Humberto Nieto

    Click here to see the 162nd Fighter Wing's own Capt. Humberto Nieto in a video featured at the Air Education and Training Command Symposium last month.
  • Without POL pilots are pedestrians

    Each of the four lumbering, green tanker trucks milled about the 162nd Fighter Wing flightline as their drivers searched for jets in need of fuel. The 6,000-gallon tankers could each refuel five jets; but on any given day more than 54,000 gallons of fuel would be loaded onto many more. The fuel from one tanker would be but a drop in a very large
  • Former pro-ball player says Air Guard is his winning team

    Baseball fans in Tucson may root for the Tucson Toros at Hi Corbett field. They may even make the trek to see their favorite major league team. But only in their wildest dreams would they rub shoulders on the field with some of the biggest names in baseball.For one member here at the 162nd Fighter Wing, that dream was his reality. Chaplain's