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  • 2008 CFC kicks off October UTA, be a star

    The 2008 Combined Federal Campaign is scheduled to kick off here Oct. 4. This year's theme will be "Every One of Us Can Be a Star in Someone's Life," said 2nd Lt. Brian Wiscombe, wing CFC coordinator. The kick off breakfast was Sept. 10 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base for the group coordinators, key workers and all involved in driving this year's
  • JEC Softball Tournament raises funds builds morale

    The 162nd Fighter Wing Junior Enlisted Council held its annual Softball Tournament here at Lincoln Park Sept. 19 and 20. In addition to raising $450 for Adopt a Family, the JEC was successful in raising unit morale through competition and teamwork. In all, 13 teams participated in the tournament. The Engine Shop team won in the competitive finals
  • Chaff, flares, bullets and bombs - how munitions element gives Falcon its claws

    Throughout aviation history airplanes have been graced with names that help define the perception and character of the aircraft. From breath-taking natural events like thunder that helped define the F-84 Thunderstreak which clapped fear into the hearts of its enemies, to symbols of strength like the finely honed blade from which the F-100 Super
  • Eight volunteers head to Iraq

    The Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing deployed eight F-16 Fighting Falcon maintainers Sept. 9 to Balad Air Base, Iraq, for voluntary tours ranging from 45 to 120 days. The Guardsmen bid farewell to family and friends at Tucson International Airport and boarded a C-17 from the Mississippi Air National Guard's 172nd Airlift Wing. For
  • New Guardsmen get a head start on basic training

    Every drill weekend in the 162nd Fighter Wing's recruiting office an important duty is carried out. Guardsmen dedicated to recruiting Arizona's finest young men and women are hard at work preparing the unit's newest members for successful military careers. Currently, thirteen new Guardsmen make up the wing's student flight. Their tasks are planned
  • Mondays now blues day for Air Force members and Air Guardsmen in Tucson

    Many 162nd Fighter Wing members will now be wearing the blue uniform on Mondays. The new uniform policy stems from a recent four-star conference where Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton A. Schwartz discussed the issue with other senior leaders. "Post-9/11, we've moved away from our blue uniforms almost altogether and have transformed into an Air
  • Families welcome home Security Forces Airmen

    After serving half a year in Baghdad, Iraq, 19 members of the Security Forces Squadron here returned home Aug. 23. They were greeted in the 162nd Fighter Wing dining facility by family, friends, fellow Guardsmen and local media. Smiling faces and tears joy marked the occasion as returning Airmen were reunited with parents, spouses, children who had
  • Poland's 'Peace Sky' at home in Arizona

    In the transition from Soviet-built MiG-29s and Su-22s to American-built F-16s, Poland takes on one of NATOs most aggressive fighter up-starts known as "Peace Sky." A new generation of Polish Air Force pilots are learning how to fly their country's most advanced fighter, the F-16C/D "Jastrzab" or Hawk as it's called, from the Arizona Air National
  • International military student office best in the Air Force

    They come from Europe, Asia and the Middle East to learn to fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon from the Arizona Air National Guard, and Guardsmen here serve as their wingmen in more ways than one. When flying over the military training ranges of Southern Arizona international student pilots have experienced instructors to guide them; but back on the
  • Building capable allies, strong bonds: Arizona Air Guard teaches U.S. allies to fly, fight and win

    Over European castles, Middle Eastern deserts and Pacific islands, F-16 fighter pilots are soaring in ever-increasing numbers. Their landscapes, nationalities and cultures are different, but they share several common bonds. They are allies, they are friends and they learned to fly their F-16s at an Air National Guard base in Arizona. With more