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DTS Offers Online Training Center

  • Published
  • By the Financial Management Office
  • 162nd Fighter Wing
The Defense Travel System (DTS), currently being used by 162nd Fighter Wing Active Guard Reserve members, will be mandatory for all 162nd Fighter Wing members in the very near future. 

Per a memorandum from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, signed by Dr. David Chu, DTS must be used whenever possible. As stated, "this mandate applies to all travel that is currently supported by the system and those that will be supported in the future, as they become available." 

With this in mind, DTS offers an online training center that is available to all users. This section features several DTS demonstration tools, online self-guided training modules, and simulations where customers can practice using DTS. In addition, there are links to other valuable resources including "How to Process Documents." 

Members can access the training center from the DTS homepage at by using the blue training button or by selecting the training link on the left sidebar. 

The "Overview Modules" section of the online training center contains these simulations that will walk you through creating appropriate travel documents using DTS:
· Create an Authorization
· Create a Voucher
· Create a Local Voucher
· CBA Reconciliation
· First Time Login To DTS
· Create a Group Authorization
· Create an Imported Authorization
· Review and Approve Travel Documents

The online training center is user friendly and will aid travelers, approving officials and defense travel administrators in processing timely travel documents. If you have any questions regarding DTS training, please contact the finance office at 295-6882.