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Expecting? Med Group works to protect your baby

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Billy Eickmeyer
  • 162nd Medical Group
For Guardsmen who may be expecting a child, congratulations on the new addition to your family! First, there are certain procedures that all pregnant drill status Guardsmen (DSG) must follow. DSG's must report a confirmed pregnancy as soon as possible to allow the unit to assess her work environment for potential hazards and accurately report operational and readiness capability quickly.

All pregnancies must be verified by written confirmation from the DSG's primary Obstetrics (OB) provider to the medical group (MDG). The 162nd MDG Public Health (PH) office interviews the pregnant member and her supervisor to obtain a description of the individual's specific duties and work environment.

The 162nd MDG Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) office will survey tasks and potential exposures the worker is likely to encounter. BE relays this information to PH and/or the medical officer, as appropriate. PH will provide job descriptions and potential exposures to harmful material to the OB provider.

In response to this information, the OB provider must submit a statement to the member and the MDG indicating whether any additional restrictions should be instituted. A MDG medical officer reviews the OB provider's documentation, along with the PH workplace interview and initiates an Air Force Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report, to reflect all occupational restrictions. The form can be delivered to retail sales for issue of, or reimbursement for maternity uniforms.

Questions about the 162nd MDG Fetal Protection Program may be referred to 520-295-6302. Program regulations are found in Air National Guard Instruction 40-104, Pregnancy of Air National Guard personnel.