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Outstanding travel orders can curb future travel plans

  • Published
  • By Capt. Melissa Jackson
  • 162nd Fighter Wing Finance Office
There is a saying that "procrastination saves time." Unfortunately, members who put off filing travel vouchers after going TDY do not save time or help the Air National Guard or the 162nd Fighter Wing maintain accurate financial obligations. 

Outstanding travel orders become unresolved obligations under the watchful eye of the Air National Guard, Department of Defense and Congress. All members who receive a travel order must file their travel claims or vouchers within five work days of returning from the travel.

Like the Government Travel Card program, those who exceed 60 days are considered seriously delinquent. These severely delinquent orders must be limited to less than 5 percent of the total outstanding travel orders. The 162nd's current rate is at 26 percent.

To help remedy this long standing problem, the finance office has provided each overdue member and their commander monthly written notification. Effective April 7, the finance office will no longer certify new orders for those who have outstanding orders older than 90 days.

It takes every unit member and commander to make this program successful. Please contact finance at 295-6080 if you have already filed or been paid, and contact our Customer Service at 295-6882 for travel voucher assistance.