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'Commander's Action Line' benefits wing fitness

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  • By the Commander's Action Line
  • 162nd Fighter Wing
A group of volunteers moved several pieces of fitness equipment from storage areas on base to the gym in building 3, commonly known as the "Dutch Warehouse," July 14. The following Commander's Action Line was the catalyst for allowing wing members to make use of the new gear.

With physical fitness such a high priority in today's Air National Guard I'd like to ask about the possibility of upgrading the equipment in the base gym. When I say "base gym" I mean the weight and cardio rooms in the "Dutch Warehouse"; not to be confused with the gyms in Ops or the Fire Station. Those who use the Dutch Warehouse gym, including myself, are certainly grateful to have a place on base to work out. It's convenient and much of the equipment is serviceable; but we are aware that the wing purchased new weights and cardio machines over a year ago for the new gym intended for the first floor of building 9. My suggestion is to allow a group of volunteers to move some of the new equipment into the Dutch Warehouse gym so we can all benefit from it while the new gym in building 9 awaits construction. Most of the new equipment is either in storage in various parts of the base or being used by a limited number of people who have access to one or two pieces locked away. The Dutch Warehouse is certainly a temporary solution, but the immediate need to keep our people fit seems like a good justification to improve the area. Perhaps more people would become gym patrons if the new equipment was made available to all.

Anonymous Submission

Thank you for using the Action Line. I certainly agree that physical fitness in our military is more important than ever. Much depends on an individual's passing fitness score such as promotions, school attendance and deployments. The word on the street is during our next UCI personnel will be randomly selected for fitness testing so we all must stay fit. I do have a goal of having the new base gym in building 9 completed as soon as possible. But in the mean time I agree we can make the new equipment more available for all members to use. I will appoint a POC / volunteer to organize the movement of equipment to the Dutch Warehouse as soon as practical.
Thank you for your comments and suggestion.

Col. Gregory N. Stroud

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