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First quarterly edition of “El Tigre” coming soon

  • Published
  • By the Office of Public Affairs
  • 162nd Fighter Wing
When unit members check their mail boxes before October drill they'll find the first-ever quarterly edition of El Tigre, the 162nd Fighter Wing newsletter.

The recent shift from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly one isn't the only change made to El Tigre. Several new features will be immediately apparent to readers.

El Tigre is now printed on glossy paper instead of the regular stock. This paper works wonders for the many photos and graphics used in the newsletter. Even the black and white photos show more detail and depth.

As for color, there are now eight full color pages in El Tigre, double that of the previous monthly version.

The El Tigre is also thicker. It's 28 pages long to hold more content over the monthly version which averaged between 16 and 20 pages per month.

These are simple upgrades in the printing process that are now extremely affordable due to fewer editions being printed per year. In fact, the quarterly construct, in contrast to the monthly, translates to an annual cost savings of $18,000 per year for the wing.

The public affairs staff has also taken a different approach to planning El Tigre's content. In the past, the newletter was virtually a hard copy version of the articles posted throughout the month on the wing's official Web site at

Certain articles in the Fall edition did run previously on the site. This ensures that the non-Web site users in our audience still get the news. However, there are 16 pages of news and features that have not been seen before. This is to ensure that the quarterly El Tigre is still an interesting read for those who do use the Web site.

Check out the wing commander's thoughts on mentorship, or the story about the group commander who coaches professional baseball, or the feature about the highly-decorated Army Soldier who protects the wing. Even the next three months of drill lunch menus can be found on page 26; so there's something to interest everyone.

The Web site is still the wing's primary source of up-to-date news and information about the mission, its members, families and community. To compliment the site, the El Tigre should be thought of as a digest and a printed record of our time together at the 162nd. Airman morale and readiness, keeping retirees connected, and reaching out to community support organizations are still El Tigre missions.

The public affairs staff hopes that readers find the new El Tigre interesting, helpful and professional in appearance and content. The staff is always open to feedback, suggestions and content contributions. Call public affairs at 295-6192, or e-mail 

The Winter 2010 edition of El Tigre is due out in early January, 2010. Articles and information for publication are due to the public affairs office by the December Unit Training Assembly.