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A CCAF degree — the key to career progression

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Angela Walz
  • 162nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
With so much competition in the military and the civilian sectors for jobs and promotions, more and more Guardsmen are looking to secure their job with an Associate's degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). 

While a CCAF degree adds sparkle to an Enlisted Performance Report, it also enhances any resume and opens doors into both military and civilian careers. 

'Career progression' sounds military in nature, but it takes place in the civilian sector as well. A CCAF degree has the benefit of the potential for securing a career in either arena.
"An individual's education and experience are something they will carry with them forever and these sorts of things are often considered for promotion interviews," said Lt. Col. Denise Cullen, 162nd Fighter Wing executive officer. "A CCAF degree looks good on an application, but points are also given for non-written questions for promotions or for full-time positions that become available within the wing." 

Airmen become CCAF students as soon as they report for basic military training and begin earning semester hours that go toward their CCAF degree. Technical schools and other military training courses also count toward CCAF degree programs. 

However, many Airmen may fail themselves by not taking an active role in their own educational endeavors. CCAF degrees are not automatic, but can easily be attained if the required coursework has been met. 

CCAF Commandant Lt. Col. Timothy W. Albrecht said, "We strive to meet the demands of the Air Force's increasingly expeditionary environment and at the same time help Airmen achieve their educational goals by capitalizing on job-related training and education as part of flexible degree completion programs." 

Where supervisors may fail their troops is by not being informed about the programs, not having answers to common questions about the CCAF, and not leading by example. 

According to the CCAF Web site, CCAF academic programs are designed to provide students with knowledge, skills and theoretical background for enhanced performance as technicians and noncommissioned officers. It is the only college system solely for enlisted members. 

For questions or assistance, contact Senior Master Sgt. Edisa Salcido at 295-6568. To add civilian courseware to a CCAF degree, transcripts must be sent directly from your school to the following address: CCAF/DESS, 100 South Turner Blvd., Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Ala., 36114-3011. Transcript requests can be made online at