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WEPTAC conference October 19-23

  • Published
  • By the Office of Public Affairs
  • 162nd Fighter Wing
The Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center (AATC) will host the annual Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) here, Oct. 19-23. This year's theme is "Transforming Technology to the Warfighter" as the Air Reserve Component (ARC) looks to the future force structure and new mission areas. 

WEPTAC is an important event involving the 162nd Fighter Wing's direct support of the rest of the Air Reserve Component convening on base. This year's WEPTAC is of vital importance as Guardsmen and Reservists continue operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the topics set for discussion are strongly affected by feedback from warfighters in theater. 

During the week-long conference, more than 1,000 Reserve component and active duty members will assemble for the event to attend briefings and discussions throughout the base and working groups will discuss the tactical development and modernization planning for the future of their respective airframes. 

"Through this conference AATC gathers experts from all weapon systems at one time to discuss and prioritize modernization requirements and testing of equipment and tactics for the current war and to prepare for future conflicts," said AATC Commander Col. Dan Bader. "The conference helps the test center focus on the warfighter's needs so we can get them what they need quickly and efficiently," he said. 

On a local level, WEPTAC gives the 162nd a chance to interact with Airmen from around the world said Col. Ted Maxwell, wing vice commander. 

"WEPTAC is a great opportunity for the Guard and for our Wing. It provides everyone some time to exchange ideas and reestablish relationships," he said. "Each year we're given a chance to show our fellow Guardsmen and Reservists what a great unit we are. I ask everyone to welcome our guests and help out in any way you can to make it another success." 

AATC has reserved meeting rooms and facilities throughout the base, with some scheduled at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. 

Everyone on base is reminded of the following: 

· Parking will be limited during WEPTAC and everyone should plan accordingly. 

· Be aware of customs and courtesies as numerous senior leaders will attend the conference. 

· Most attendees will be in constant contact with their units via cell phone, however be prepared to assist guests with finding and using base telephones. 

· Should someone need a pen, paper, a fax machine, printer or driving directions, be prepared to help. 

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