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Combined Federal Campaign 2012 kicks off

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Carl Sundin
  • 162nd MXA
Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). For those who are not already aware, the mission of the CFC is to, "promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all" (CFC, 2012).

We have two main goals this year: first, to obtain at least 15% wing participation, up from 10.1% last year; second, to collect at least $50,000 in donations, which is approximately an $8,000 increase from last year. We have Key Workers in every section throughout the wing, so if you want to give, a trained Key Worker will be there to help guide you through the process (please see Key Worker list at the bottom of the page to find the representative within your section).

Furthermore, setting up a donation to the CFC is now even easier than ever; campaign organizers have created, which is a website that allows you to electronically fill out a donation form, research charities, and allocate funds in just a few simple steps.

Just click on the 'Nexus Guide' for instructions to use this site. For those who want to continue to contribute with the pledge form, that option is still available as well. Just see your section Key Worker for details.

Some of you might have asked the question in the past, "I already give directly to my charity of choice, why should I use the CFC to donate?" Please consider some of the following reasons to make the switch to using the CFC:

- More money goes to services rather than raising costs
  - Reduces the need for "high cost" fundraising.
  - To reach you at work, historically, it costs less than 10 cents to raise $1.
  - To reach you at home, charities spend as much as 75 cents to raise $1.
Charities who participate in CFC are held accountable
  - Annual review of financial reports and audits by federal employee committee.
  - Annual reports showing services provided are required.
- Positive Image for the 162 FW
  - CFC results are publicized to the community.
  - Shows community what federal employees give back.

For those of you who are skeptical about giving, please take a minute to look over what just a small donation can provide:

$5 a paycheck provides:
  - After-school youth volunteer programs for four youth.
  - Seven weeks of home delivered meals for one senior citizen.
  - Vaccinations for 150 children against polio (internationally).
- $10 a paycheck provides:
  - Ability to move a "Waiting Child" out of an institution and into a loving family.
  - A medical test at a rural health clinic in Peru.
  - Six days of emergency shelter for a homeless family of four. 
- $15 a paycheck provides:
  - A six week parenting education program for three families.
  - A Lifetime Emergency Alert Unit for two seniors.
  - 40 blankets for children in a refugee camp.
- $20 a paycheck provides:
  - Subsidized, quality child care to prepare one low-income child for school readiness. 
  - A training scholarship to get a young person out of a gang and into a real job.
- $25 a paycheck provides:
 - Three weeks of life skills training to one teen mother.
 - Six months of home health care for one senior.
 - An expert toxicologist's time for detailed technical review of air/water quality tests.

I want to thank all of those who have donated through CFC in the past, as well as those who will be donating this year. Please remember that by giving just a little, you can make a huge difference.

CFC Unit Coordinators:
-  2d Lt Carl Sundin
-  2d Lt Melissa Gonzalez

Key Worker List:
-  Headquarters- CMSgt Brian Karas
-  Comm Flt/CE/Fire Dept- SSgt Bryan Nixon
-  Fuels Mgmt (LRS)- TSgt Mike Hobby
-  Materiel Mgmt (LRS)- SSgt Mia Torres-Gomez
-  Distribution Flt (LRS)- 1st Lt Jason Gonzales
-  Vehicle Mgmt (LRS)- SSgt Timothy Fleshman
-  MPF (FSS)- SrA Nicolas Acedo
-  Services (FSS)- SSgt Aaron Bisher
-  Security Forces- MSgt Vincent Muskiet
-  MOF- SrA Linda Baldoni
-  MOF- A1C Jim Armendorez
-  QA- SSgt Raul Quiroz
-  148th AMU- SrA David Crowley
-  195th AMU- SSgt George Andrews
-  152nd AMU- SSgt Mike Bailey
-  Accessories Flt- SSgt Jeff Ubry
-  Avionics Flt- MSgt Don Morgan
-  Propulsion Flt- MSgt Cathy Denault
-  Armament- SSgt Ryan Mabry
-  Fabrication- TSgt Eugene Sanders
-  AGE Flt- A1C Manuel Benitez
-  Munitions Flt- A1C Kacee George
-  Inspection Flt- SSgt Sarah Peacock
-  MDG- Lt Palomino
-  MDG- MSgt Cally Handa
-  152nd Ops- Capt Lucas Jones
-  195th Ops- Maj Matthew McCarty
-  OSF- SrA Breona Calvert
-  Snowbird- TSgt Ralph Brewer
-  AATC- MSgt Michelle Weaver
-  Alert Det- TSgt Jackie Vernon