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Tucson triplets join a new, extended family: The Air National Guard

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Erich B. Smith
  • 162nd Fighter WIng Public Affairs
Triplets do many things together, but not too many can say they joined the military at the same time.
In what was a first of its kind event at the 162nd Fighter Wing, the Aubuchons - composed of Adrianna, Andrew and Christopher - took their oath of enlistment at the air park here April 6.
"Their attitude toward service reflects prominently in their community," said Col. Mick McGuire, commander of the 162nd Fighter Wing, who administered the enlistment oath to the trio.
Barely 18 and still in their senior year at Empire High School, the Aubuchons raised three right hands and pledged their oath to country in front of friends, family and local media.
According to Adrianna, the support she and her brothers have received has been more than they expected.
"Since telling all my friends about enlisting, they've all wanted to join themselves," she said. "They are really encouraged by what we are doing."
The unique nature of the enlistment ceremony was not lost on the triplets either.
"I am pumped up. It's the coolest thing - all three of us joining at the same time," said Andrew. "We've always done things together and now we're starting our life together. It's really special."
For Christopher, joining the Air Guard is part of his long term plans. "I am excited to get through basic and tech school. I plan on making a career out of this."
Like any group of siblings, rivalry will still remain intact, even when wearing the same uniform.
"I just want to be able to show them up," Adrianna said, referring to her brothers.
Like any mother of children taking the selfless act of a military obligation, Sylvia Aubuchon said she is "nervous and excited" about the possibility of what the future will bring for her children.
"They're already level-headed, and enlisting in the Air National Guard will only make them more so," said Mrs. Aubuchon. "It was their decision. Nobody pushed them into doing this."
Though military culture flourishes when personnel adhere to the same standards of conduct and professionalism, each Aubuchon described themselves in different ways, all offering unique personalities to their future wing: Andrew is the self-proclaimed joker with an ear-to-ear grin, Christopher labels himself as the responsible, poised one while Adrianna said she is the most sociable of the triplets.
For Tech. Sgt. Andreas Lorenz, wing recruiter, convincing the trio to enlist was anything but a tough sell.
"The three of them expressed their desire to serve and it is clear they are grateful for the wonderful opportunity that will come with being a part of the 162nd Fighter Wing," he said.
Lorenz added they were model recruits. "When I told them to do something, they did it."
The maintenance group here can eventually expect Christopher and Andrew to join their ranks, serving in avionics and nondestructive inspection work, respectively. Adrianna will call the medical group her new place of military employment, serving as a dental assistant.
The Aubuchons are tentatively scheduled to attend basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in August 2013.