US Students

Welcome to the 162nd Wing F-16 training program!

The information provided here is intended for all United States student pilots coming to the Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Wing at Tucson International Airport.

Required Documents and Equipment

  • Medical Records
  • Flight Records Folder, electronically transfer to the HARM Code: XHEA; this is important because if FRF is not transferred correctly, it might cause a delay in your inprocessing.
  • Stan Eval, Flight Evaluation Folder
  • Copy of Orders
  • Line Badge, current
  • CAC Card, current
  • IA CBT certification, current
  • Complete NGB Form 1212; ANG Professional Military Education Service Agreement (can be obtained through your home unit military personnel office)
  • AF Form 63 Officer and Airman Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) Acknowledgement Statement

Flight Gear, Required Equipment

  • Helmet/Mask
  • Helmet Bag/Knee Board
  • G-suit/Gloves
  • Harness is supplied by 162OG/Life Support, on loan only

Security Clearance

Security Clearance Requirements

The following must be met prior to formal student training

(1) Incoming students must have a secret clearance with a single scope background investigation (SSBI) for a top secret clearance initiated no later than 6 months before class start date.

(2) Students already possessing a Top Secret clearance must have a background investigation date of within 4 ½ years of class start date. Otherwise, initiate the periodic reinvestigation no later than 6 months prior to class start date.

(3) Clearance level and date must be included on orders and losing units must forward the Archive copy of students' completed SF-86 e-QIP questionnaire, immediately upon assignment notification, to MSgt Mitch Awana at Losing units will not process orders until this occurs to prevent any training stops. If any questions please contact LtCol Kevin Wilhelm,, at DSN 844-6032/7069 or MSgt Awana at DSN 844-6032/7169.



Under no circumstances will weapons be stored or kept in government quarters. All weapons must be registered with the security forces, law enforcement section. Violations of firearms regulations could result in early termination of training.

Climate and Weather

Tucson area weather is known for its hot, dry summers, and its mild, dry winters. The average low for the year is 53.6 degrees F and the average high for the year is 83.4 degrees F. It can get 20 degrees cooler in the winter and 20 degrees F hotter in the summer. The average rainfall is 11.24 inches a year, with the majority of the rain falling during the summer monsoons, July - August and the winter rains in December - January. Due to Tucson's elevation we may get some snowfall during January and February. For more information about weather conditions and a historical look a climate statistics, visit The Weather Channel.


Temporary lodging arrangements may be made through the 162W Lodging Office at (520)295-6121/DSN844-6121 or via email at or Your lodging reservations will be made at either Davis-Monthan AFB or a contract hotel. A credit card is needed to reserve rooms. In the event Davis-Monthan AFB lodging is not available the 162nd W Lodging Office will issue non-availability letters.


Off-base dining is readily available. There are refrigerators, vending machines, coffee machines and microwaves located in each of the fighter squadrons.

Tucson Lifestyle-Dining Guide

This link may be helpful, as it provides information about the various types of fine-dining in Tucson, Arizona.

Classroom Decorum

Food and drink are not permitted in the 162nd Wing Base Auditorium at any time. Depending on the instructor and the classroom, food items may be permitted while scheduled instruction is conducted. Coffee and soft drinks are permitted in the classrooms and seminar rooms during class periods. Lunch may be taken into designated classrooms during noontime electives. Care should be taken to protect materials and furnishings from spills.

Smoking is authorized in designated smoking areas only. Designated smoking areas are established outside on the north patio of Building 40. These areas will be identified to students during the class introduction on the first day. Personnel smoking in these areas are requested to use provided receptacles for disposal of residue.

Students are normally scheduled for formal classes from approximately 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. All students are expected to be present when class begins. A course schedule will be provided during the first day of class.

Contact Information

Registrar Office:
(520) 295-6621
DSN: 844-6621
FAX: 520-807-1688

Section OIC office:
(520) 295-7187
DSN: 844-7187