Hometown News Release Program

Now Available Online!
Hometown News provides accurate, timely and factual news releases about Air Force people to newspapers, radio stations and television stations in their hometowns. The Hometown News Program extends unit media operations programs beyond their local area, and relieves a significant workload from each Air Force Public Affairs office by maintaining a consolidated database of stock stories and commercial media outlets.

Hometown News releases should be timely. So if your career accomplishments match any of the subjects mentioned below, download the HOMETOWN NEWS RELEASE INFORMATION form DD 2266, and return it to the base Public Affairs office as soon as possible.

Military Personnel 
· Graduation from basic training. Form accepted only from the training facility or school Public Affairs office. 
· Completion and commissioning from Officer Training School. Form accepted from the training facility or school Public Affairs office. 
· Graduation from initial-entry, Air Force specialty code or Military Occupational Specialty producing schools. Form accepted only from the schools. 
· Promotions to grade E-3 and higher as the promotion occurs. Selected for promotion to E-9 and 0-6 and above. 
· Arrival for duty is open to all permanent changes of stations to both CONUS and overseas. This allows each individual to fill out a DD Form 2266 as a new arrival for each new assignment. Submitted by gaining unit only. Permanent change of address moves are not acceptable. 
· Major exercises. This includes only those exercises announced to the news media by the Department of Air Force, Department of Army or the Department of Defense (DOD), or active-duty unit deployments overseas from the United States. 
· Awards and decorations for individual achievement (Achievement Medal or higher; copy of citation required), plus the Humanitarian Service Medal. 
· Re-enlistments. Include the number of years for which enlisting and number of years already served. 
· Retirements. Include the number of years served. Forms may be submitted up to 30 days before actual retirement date. A biography is preferred with all retirement submissions. 
· Forms are accepted after completion of initial summer training and upon graduation and commissioning from the service academies. Degree, level and field of study should be included. Accepted only from the respective service academy PAO. 
· Receipt of ROTC scholarship, completion of ROTC summer camp, and commissioning through the ROTC program. 
· Individual achievements such as:   - Receipt of college degree. Include field of study, type of degree, and the name and location of the institution granting the degree. 
 - Airman/Soldier or noncommissioned officer of the month, quarter, or year at all levels of command. 
 - Best individual in a job or career field for the month, quarter, or year at all levels of command. Include criteria for selection. A supporting cover story is desired. 
 - Direct commissions and warrants. 
 -  Suggestion awards of $50 or more. Cover story is required. 
 - Participation in a national news event. Cover story is required. Examples include space shuttle support, Presidential inauguration, or significant humanitarian operations. 

· Competitions. This includes only individuals and competing team winners in departmental contests that test readiness in combat-related skills with competitors drawn from a worldwide pool. It does not include unit winners nor titles and awards presented to units. 
· Selection for service-funded, degree producing programs and selection for Training With Industry programs. 
· Sports. Selection for membership on U.S. Olympic or Pan-American Games teams, American Athletic Union (AAU) national-level participants, National Sports Festival participants, and winners of sports events at Air Force, Army or DOD levels. Also includes winners of the National Rifle Association-sponsored national and higher level competitions. MAJCOMsponsored sports events at MAJCOM championship level are also acceptable. Dates, location, and category of events should be included. These events should normally allow winners to advance to further service or DOD competition. Forms should be submitted by unit Public Affairs office hosting the events. 
· Graduation from all in-residence, nonspecialty-related schooling of four weeks or longer. This includes such schooling as staff college, war college, industrial college, and NCO academies. 
· Assumption of command at all levels. 

Civilian Employees 
· Civilian of month or quarter at all levels of command. 
· Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service. 
· Civilian Award for Valor, MAJCOM level. 
· Army or Air Force Civilian Award for Valor. 
· DOD Distinguished Civilian Service Award. 
· President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service. 
· Receipt of Suggestion Award of $500 or more. Cover story is required. 
· Graduation from military schools. 
· Meritorious Civilian Service Medal. 
· Commander's Award for Civilian Service.