162nd Maintenance Group

The 162nd Maintenance Group in Tucson, Ariz., provides outstanding primary support functions for the largest fighter wing in the Air National Guard.  Guardsmen assigned to the group perform several levels of maintenance on F-16C/D and Mid-Life Update Fighting Falcons.

The group applies the Air Force Core Values in accomplishing it's mission: integrity - do the job right the first time; service - mission accomplishment over personal gain; excellence - put forth the best possible effort all the time. 

Maintenance professionals at the unit use a conscientious and disciplined approach to preventive maintenance to meet goals safely and effectively. The purpose of the entire maintenance process is to sustain a capability to support the flying and international pilot training missions at the 162nd Wing. 

Base-level aircraft maintenance activities must have the capability to launch and recover aircraft and sustain the preventive maintenance program. Generally, this means most units must possess a full complement of equipment and supplies to perform on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance. 

The maintenance group includes the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (flightline), Maintenance Squadron (back shops), Maintenance Operations Flight and Quality Assurance.