Airman & Family Readiness Program

The Airman & Family Readiness Program serves as a one-stop information and referral center for members as well as their families. One of its major functions is linkage --ensuring military personnel and their families are connected with the appropriate services on and off base. Call them for assistance anytime you have a question and don't know where to find the answer. 

The Airman & Family Readiness Program promotes family preparedness through education and participation in readiness support functions. Families are provided assistance during extended absences of the military member while deployed or remote, emergencies, and natural disasters. Pamphlets, books and videos discuss how to prepare, cope and come back together as a family. Program staff work through units, spouse support groups and with individuals to provide advice and help. Other materials help single people, who have different issues, prepare for deployment. The Group offers Morale Calls, Car Care and Give Parents a Break for families that have a deployed/remote member. 

Military One Source
Stateside: 1-800-342-9647
Overseas: 800-3429-6477
Military One Source can provide you with information and resources that can help improve many areas of your life, from personal to professional. But Military One Source does more than give you information -- they help you take action with materials that get you thinking and tools that help you set things in motion. This confidential service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If counseling is needed, Military One Source can arrange for you to receive 6 face-to-face counseling sessions free of charge.