IMSO Information

International Military Student Office (IMSO) Information 

Arrival and Departure Information 

The IMSO will be available to meet you upon arrival and assist you with immediate needs. In addition, IMSO will assist you with departure requirements. 

Tucson does have an international airport. You can find general information and frequently asked questions at:


Student Handbook 

Student Handbook (PDF format) 

Inside this Student Handbook you will find welcome letters from the Wing, Operations, and Maintenance Group Commanders. Also included is general information about the policy and procedures of being an International Military Student in training in the United States.



Temporary lodging may be made at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: (520) 228-3309. The cost is $39.00 per night. You will need a credit card to guarantee the room until midnight of your check in date. Without a credit card you must check in by 1800 on your check in date or you will lose the reservation. IMSO will assist in helping you find long-term accommodations. There is no billeting available at the 162nd Fighter Wing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding lodging on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, please click here or ask the IMSO staff, we are here to accommodate your needs. 


Family Information 

Child Safety Information (PDF Format) 

All dependents attending school in the state of Arizona are required by law to have the following immunizations: 

Arizona Immunization Information (PDF Format) 

There are seven different school districts in the city of Tucson; the school districts are as follows: 

Altar Valley Elementary School District. 
Amphitheater School District. 
Catalina Foothills School District. 
Flowing Wells School District. 
Marana Unified School District
Sahuarita School District. 
Sunnyside School District
Tucson Unified School District
Vail Unified School District


Medical Information 

Medical Benefits Memo 

TriCare Health Care Information


Local Transportation 

Installation transportation is not available. If you will be visiting the 162nd Wing, please contact the Executive Officer at DSN 844-6100 or Commercial (520) 295-6100. 

Public transportation services in Tucson and the surrounding area is limited. Taxi and rental vehicle agencies are available. 

International students must have either a valid international drivers license or an Arizona State drivers license in order to operate a motor vehicle. A passport with a completed I-94 attached or an Immigration stamp inside the passport is required for international personnel to qualify for an Arizona drivers license. Please visit for more information. International drivers licenses must be in English. 

If you are authorized to drive, remember that it is your responsibility to obey all state and local traffic rules. 162nd Wing and the local communities rigidly enforce traffic laws. Of particular concern is violation of the rule prohibiting driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This rule is strictly enforced and carries very strong penalties if violated. Seat belts must be worn at all times on and off the installation. 

Driver's Manual (PDF Format)



Off-base dining is readily available. There are refrigerators, vending machines, coffee machines and microwaves located in each of the Fighter Squadrons. 

Tucson Lifestyle-Dining Guide

This link may be helpful, as it provides information about the various types of fine-dining in Tucson, Arizona.


Identification Cards 

Identification cards will be provided to you if the 162nd Wing is the first duty station in your ITO. Those personnel who are not eligible for an identification card will be authorized commissary and Base Exchange privileges using their ITOs. Identification cards allow you to use various facilities and services available to the military personnel and their dependents at the 162nd Wing and Davis-Monthan AFB. After completing the DD Form 1172, Application For Uniformed Services Identification Care - DEERS Enrollment you will be issued an identification card (DD Form 1172). Any student who loses an identification card should immediately report the lost card to the Security Forces and to the IMSO Office. Do not lend your identification card to anyone. Safeguard it and protect your privileges at all times. 


Training Installation 

School Installation is located in the southern part of the state. It lies approximately 100 miles southeast of Phoenix. It is easily accessible from U.S. Interstate 10. For more information about Tucson click here



Under no circumstances will weapons be stored or kept in government quarters. All weapons must be registered with the Security Forces, Law Enforcement Section. Violations of firearms regulations require a formal report to your home country, which could result in early termination of training. 


Classroom Decorum 

Food and drink are not permitted in the 162nd Wing Base Auditorium at any time. Depending on the instructor and the classroom, food items may be permitted in the classroom when scheduled instruction is being conducted. Coffee and soft drinks are permitted in the classrooms and seminar rooms during class periods. Lunch may be taken into designated classrooms during noontime electives. Care should be taken to protect materials and furnishings from spills. 

Smoking is authorized in designated smoking areas only. Designated smoking areas are established outside on the north patio of Building 40. These areas will be identified to students during the class introduction on the first day. Personnel smoking in these areas are requested to use provided receptacles for disposal of residue. 

Students are normally scheduled for formal classes from approximately 0600-1600 hours daily. All students are expected to be present when class begins. A course schedule will be provided during the first day of class. 

Emergency Leave Procedures 
If you are required to depart the course prior to graduation because of an emergency, immediately contact the IMSO office. 


Fields Studies Program

The Fields Studies Program is a means of introducing international military students to our country through orientation tours and events conducted after normal schoolhouse hours -- these tours are conducted in the evenings and on weekends and holidays. Occasionally a program may be conducted during normal training duty hours, but this will be scheduled and announced in advance. 

This program gives international military students an opportunity to learn more about the American way of life and to acquire a balanced understanding of U.S. society and its goals, in addition to the training and military experience while in the United States. 

Occasionally, tours will be conducted overnight, but the majority of tours are one day events. Events include tours to Tucson museums, historical parks, civic activities, and Governmental and business facilities. 



Most of the international student pilots will receive a military clothing issue of flight suits and flight gear. Bring at least one flight suit with boots to ensure you will have a uniform to wear until you are issued your flying gear. However, if you're attending the 162nd Wing's Fighter's Weapons Advanced Course, IMSO highly recommends bringing your own equipment, due to the rapid time you're required to fly, after your start date. Bring at least four sets of your rank and the hat you wear with your flight suit. You are authorized to wear US rank equivalent while attending training in Tucson. In addition, bring your Service Dress uniform (official military uniform) and your Mess Dress uniform (formal military uniform) there are occasions where you will be invited to formal military functions. All military uniforms must be worn in accordance with United States Air Force regulation AFI36-2903. 

International military students should bring civilian clothes. Since the winters are mild and the summers are extremely warm, light-weight winter wear and light-weight summer wear are recommended. 


Climate and Weather 

The Tucson area weather is known for its hot, dry summers, and its mild, dry winters. The average low for the year is 53.6 degrees F and the average high for the year is 83.4 degrees F. It can get 20 degrees cooler in the winter and 20 degrees F hotter in the summer. The average rainfall is 11.24 inches a year, with the majority of the rain falling during the summer monsoons, July - August and the winter rains in December - January. Due to Tucson's elevation we may get some snowfall during January and February. For more information about weather conditions and a historical look a climate statistics, visit The Weather Channel. 


Fitness Program 

AETC Instruction 11-406 (PDF format)  


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