International Military Student Office

Welcome to the home of the world's finest international F-16 training!

The information provided here is intended for all incoming International Military Students to the 162nd Wing, Arizona Air National Guard. It is also intended for all U.S. Security Assistance Offices who have need of information about international training at the 162nd Wing.

IMSO Mission

Provide and coordinate support for the world's best international military students and promote a favorable impression of the American way of life.

Quality Philosophy

The 162nd Wing is committed to providing the highest quality training to international military personnel. We will accomplish this through active involvement and cooperation of all school personnel fostered by teamwork, open communications, integrity and full utilization of all resources.

The 162nd Wing is the premier training unit committed to producing quality international professionals instilled with sound piloting skills, and airmanship within the community of their international military trainees.

Guiding Principles

The 162nd Wing will...

  • Value tradition while encouraging innovation
  • Safeguard people, resources, and the environment
  • Accomplish the international military training mission through effective leadership and teamwork
  • Promote the dignity and well being of all students, staff, and their families
  • Encourage continuous improvement of processes, technical skills and international personnel development
  • Be responsive to our customers
The 162nd Wing is committed to...

  • The highest ethical standards
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Open and effective communications
  • Supporting the chain of command
  • Excellence

Incoming Students

Pre-departure and Orientation Information

Guide to the American Culture

Cost of Living Matrix

IMSO Information:
  • Arrival and Departure Information
  • Billeting
  • Family Information
  • Student Handbook
  • Medical Information
  • Local Transportation
  • Messing
  • Identification Cards
  • Training Installation
  • Weapons
  • Classroom Decorum
  • Emergency Leave Proceedures
  • Field Studies Program
  • Informational Program
  • Uniforms
  • Climate and Weather
  • Fitness Program